Constitution – 2021



 1.      TITLE

1.1   The Association shall be known as the “Huntingdonshire Women’s Bowling Federation” and hereinafter referred to as H.W.B.F.

2.      OBJECTS 

2.1   The object of the association shall be to promote and foster the game of bowls at Club, County and National level.

2.2    To affiliate to and support the English Women’s Bowling Federation and its appointed officers. All games shall be played under Federation rules.

2.3    To adopt rules for the organisation of the game and to control and manage competitions, Championships and Tournaments.

2.4    To promote friendly competition between clubs affiliated to the Federation.

2.5.    To encourage players to a higher standard of play by organising competitions.  County and friendly games.

2.6   To appoint or act as arbitrators in cases of dispute.


3.1    An Executive Committee and Council shall transact the general business of the Association.

3.2    The Executive Committee shall comprise the President, Deputy President,   Immediate Past President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Match Secretary, Deputy Match Secretary, National Delegate and Indoor Competition Secretary.  All the foregoing excepting the Immediate Past-President are to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The President is to be a ex-officio member of all committees. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt. 

3.2.1  Two Captains and two vice-captains may be players, shall be appointed at the AGM.

3.2.2  All communications to the Executive Committee shall be made to the County Secretary.

3.2.3    Executive Committee shall be authorised to deal with all emergency matters.

3.3. A Council shall comprise the Executive Committee, Life Members and two delegates from each affiliated Club. Such delegates shall represent only that Club during the ensuing year.

3.3.1  A Quorum of 10 Club members is necessary to hold a Council Meeting excluding the Executive Committee and Life Members unless they are also Club Delegates.

3.3.2  The Council shall meet twice annually on the first Monday in April and October unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

3.3.3  All communications to the Council shall be made to the County Secretary.

3.3.4  The President and County Secretary shall have the power to call Council meetings at any time in the year. The County Secretary shall convene these meetings and issue an agenda.

3.4. The Selection Committee is to consist of two captains, two vice-captains and one member elected from the floor.  The President and Match Secretary are ex-officio members of the committee.  Match Secretary will chair the meeting.  The Committee is responsible for selecting teams and reserves for all outdoor matches. Its decision will be final. The Selection Committee is to ensure that at least one reserve is present at all Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase matches. All communications concerning matches shall be made to the Match Secretary.  

3.4.1.  All matters concerning competitions shall be made to the Competition Secretary who will consult other Executive for advice.

3.4.2  Greens inspections. All communications regarding testing of greens or rinks shall be made to the County Secretary.

3.4.3.  Dinner Committee to consist of the Presidents and County Secretaries of the Men’s and Women’s Associations.  This committee shall have the power to co-opt.

3.4.4.  If competitors reach the quarter final stage of any competition and know that they will be unavailable on the County finals day, they should forfeit the game at this stage.  Failure to do this will mean the player/players concerned must put their reasons in writing to the Competition Secretary via their Club Secretary. The Executive Committee will have the power to ban players from County competitions.


4.1    Membership shall be open to all Bowling Clubs in the County of Huntingdon (1957).  Other Bowling Clubs may be elected at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

4.2    Bowling clubs wishing to affiliate should apply in writing to the Secretary who will submit applications to the Executive Committee for approval and submission to Council.

4.3.    Honorary or Life membership.  Names of persons considered worthy are to be sent in writing to the County Secretary at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting who will in turn submit these nominations to the Executive Committee for approval.  Those deemed to be worthy will be put to the Annual General Meeting for possible election.

5.      FINANCE

5.1    Accounts shall be made up to 30th September each year.

5.2.    The accounts shall be inspected by a suitably qualified examiner selected by the Treasurer.

5.3.    An examined financial statement for the year shall be prepared by the Treasurer for presentation at the AGM.

5.4.    All subscriptions and fees payable to the Association shall be fixed by the Executive Committee and shall be notified to the AGM, and shall be payable on or before the 31st December each year.

5.5.    The Association shall pay to the English Bowling Federation such fees, subscriptions and levies, as the National Executive Committee shall decide.

5.6    Every player entering a county championship competition shall purchase a County Handbook in every year of entry, the cost to be added to and accompany the entrance fee.

5.7    Each Affiliated Bowling Club shall receive one English Bowling Federation Yearbook at cost price.

5.8    The association bank is Barclays and cheques shall bear the signatures of two of three signatures.The official signatories to be the Treasurer, the County Secretary and the National Delegate.

5.9    The Executive will now be paid expenses when accompanied by a valid receipt. Travel expenses to be paid to one car for attendance at National AGM.


6.1    Each club should appoint a Safeguarding Officer, to ensure a safe environment for young people and vulnerable adults. The local officer will be supported by the County Safeguarding Officer. Training and recruitment should be undertaken in line with current EWBF guidelines.

6.2    Following a formal written complaint against a member, or at the discretion of the Executive Committee, a sub-committee would be established to consider whether disciplinary action was warranted.  The sub-committee would comprise of the following:  President, County Secretary, Competition Secretary and two other Executive Officers.  The sub-committee would report to the Executive Committee.  The maximum penalty for unacceptable behaviour by a member would be a three-year ban from Federation Competitions.

6.3 Actions by members warranting consideration would be:

1.  Racial or Religious abuse

2.  Physical or verbal abuse

3.  Behaviour that would bring the game into disrepute

4.  Failure to attend, when required to play, a County Semi Final, Final or National Final.

5. Flagrant disregard of the approved Dress Code

A member has the right to appeal against the decision of the Executive. A letter to the HWBF County Secretary must be received no later than two weeks after the member has received notification of the decision.  After considering the appeal, the decision of the Executive Committee would be final. Should the appellant disagree with finding they may appeal to National. Reference – National Handbook page 39 6.2.


7.1    The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first Monday in November unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

7.2    The County Secretary will notify all affiliated clubs and life members at least 21 days prior to the date, of the start time and venue of the Annual General Meeting and will also provide an agenda.

7.3    Members of the Federation may attend the AGM and take part in all discussions but only two representatives from each affiliated Bowling Club are permitted to vote.

7.4    Representatives of Affiliated Bowling Clubs must be in a position to speak on behalf of any motion submitted by their Club.  Failure to do so will negate the motion. Notice of motions, alterations or additions to rules must be in the hands of the County Secretary 28 days prior to the AGM for inclusion in the agenda


8.1    An extraordinary Meeting shall be called by the County Secretary when requested by the Executive Committee or the Council or on receipt of a notice of motion by at least 25 per cent of the affiliated clubs.  Such meetings shall deal only with the business for which they have been called. The Executive Committee has the right to decide the validity of any request.


9.1    The County Secretary shall keep records of all Executive Committee, Council meetings, Extraordinary Meetings and Annual General Meetings of the Federation.

9.2.    At each AGM she shall submit a report on the year’s activities.


10.1    Each year at the County AGM, the President and Deputy President shall automatically be elected to serve for the following year as Immediate Past Present and President respectively and the existing Immediate Past President shall stand down.

10.2.    Each affiliated club shall be allocated a prefix letter to be shown in the County Handbook each year.  One club shall have the right to nominate a candidate for Deputy President from their club and this right shall rotate from club to club yearly in the alphabetical order of their prefix letter.  All affiliated clubs shall be notified not less than 21 days before the AGM of the name of the candidate and the nominating club.

10.3.    The club must propose their candidate at the AGM; the candidate must be seconded from the floor and shall be present, ready to take up her position immediately upon election.

10.4    If a club has the right to nominate under 10.2. but cannot put forward a candidate, the right to nominate shall pass to the next club or clubs in alphabetical order of prefix letter until a candidate is put forward.

10.5    If further clubs become affiliated to the HWBF, each newly affiliated club will be allocated the prefix letter immediately preceding that of the existing Deputy President’s Club. If that necessitates changing the prefix letter of a club or clubs, such alteration is to be made at the AGM.


11.1    A player must have played two County Competitions for one year to be eligible for selection in the Donald Steward or Silver Vase games.  Following this initial qualification, she will be eligible in any subsequent year in which she plays two County Competitions.  Mixed Competitions will be counted.

11.2    A player who has represented the HWBF in 12 inter-county matches shall be entitled to wear the County Badge. Attendance and play at a National Final will be deemed to be an equivalent to one inter-County match. 

11.3    Donald Steward Trophy – only players with a County Badge are eligible to represent the HWBF in the Donald Steward Trophy Team.  After they have played in five games, a Donald Steward flash is awarded.  A player who has played in five, or more, Donald Steward Trophy games is not eligible to play in Silver Jubilee Vase games, except to the extent of six players per team.  

11.4    County Finalists who attend and play in the EBF/EWBF National Finals are awarded a swinger, on which is engraved the year of their achievement

11.5    A player who wins a Ladies National Final shall be entitled to wear a Ladies County Badge.

11.6    Silver Jubilee Vase – players who represent the HWBF in the Silver Jubilee Vase team will be awarded a Silver Jubilee Vase Flash after having played three games.

11.7    100 Club Flash – Awarded to players who have represented their County for at least 100 times.

12.       DRESS

12.1    Ladies Dress when playing County Matches, and competitions played at Newark and Skegness (including mixed competitions) is to be as follows: white or cream tailored, casual, cropped trousers, shorts, white or cream skirt, the latter having two inverted pleats, both front and back, being made of the correct material (not Crimplene or see-through) and being of a length to cover the knee. Trousers, Shorts, Cropped Trousers and skirts are to be as supplied by an approved bowls manufacturer. The player will wear the registered County shirt with white under garments, brown or beige tights or stockings (optional), white bowling shoes, white or cream cardigan (optional), white or cream approved bowling hat or baseball cap (optional) A white or cream waterproof may be worn or the registered green waterproof jacket. On other formal occasions ladies will wear the above uniform with the exception of the County Shirt, instead a white or cream sports or shirt type blouse with turned down collar and long or short sleeves (not sleeveless) is to be worn. Off-green dress shall include a white or cream blazer with a County cravat (optional), brown walking shoes, or sandals with a heel, and brown handbag. 

The cravat should not be worn with a County shirt.

12.2    Grey tailored, casual, cropped trousers or shorts may be worn in domestic games where grey skirts are the accepted uniforms.

12.3    Grey, Brown or White  bowling shoes may be worn where grey skirts or trousers and shorts are accepted uniform.

12.4    Players must observe the dress code rules. Anyone found incorrectly dressed will not be allowed to play in any county matches or county competitions until they are wearing the designated uniform. 


13.1    In the event of a match being unable to commence due to extreme weather conditions and the greenkeeper saying No Play as green is closed, players may apply to the Competition Secretary for an extension up to 5 days. Other extensions are at the discretion of the Competition Secretary. Any player wishing to appeal against a decision should contact the County Secretary or Deputy Secretary within 24hrs. The Executive Committee will convene and a final decision made. 

13.2    County Handbook page 16: 3.5 Unless mutually agreed all matches up to but not including the final and semi-finals will be played on the first drawn player choice of green starting at 6-30pm on the prescribed date for that round. A maximum waiting time of 15 minutes is allowed, after which period, a player failing to appear forfeits the right to play the match. For the semi-finals and final the staring times will be at the discretion of the competition secretary. A waiting time if necessary will also be granted at the discretion of the competition secretary’s.

 14.      ALTERATION 

14.1    No proposal for alteration of the Constitution shall have been deemed to be passed unless two thirds of the votes cast at an AGM shall be in favour..