Dress Code for Finals ’22


Dress for the finals will be either registered outdoor club shirts or a *plain white shirt or a bowls shirt (predominately white supplied by a recognised bowls shirt manufacturer). White trousers or officially approved EBF or EWBF white shorts, with any colour or combination of colours bowl shoes, providing they are made by a recognised bowls shoe manufacturer.

 All players in a team must wear the same type of shirt i.e. all outdoor club shirts or all plain white shirts*.

Please note that Huntingdon Indoor Bowls Shirts, jackets and Hoodies are not permissible. If you turn up to play and are wearing H.I.B.C. clothing, you will be asked to change.


All players must register on arrival. All players are expected to be correctly dressed and ready to play 30 minutes before their approximate scheduled start time.  Stickers will be provided for the finals.


For all the competitions, the presentation of the Trophy’s to the winners and runner’s up will take place after each session.