Dress Code 2022


Ladies Dress when playing County Matches, and Competitions played at Newark and Skegness (including mixed competitions) is to be as follows:

  • white or cream tailored, casual, cropped trousers, shorts, white or cream skirt, the latter having two inverted pleats, both front and back, being made of the correct material (not Crimplene or see-through) and being of a length to cover the knee. Trousers, Shorts, Cropped Trousers and skirts are to be as supplied by an approved bowls manufacturer.
  • a player will wear the registered County shirt with white under garments, brown or beige tights or stockings (optional), white bowling shoes, white or cream cardigan (optional), white or cream approved bowling hat or baseball cap (optional) A white or cream waterproof may be worn or the registered green waterproof jacket.
  • On other formal occasions ladies will wear the above uniform with the exception of the County Shirt, instead a white or cream sports or shirt type blouse with turned down collar and long or short sleeves (not sleeveless) is to be worn.
  • Off-green dress shall include a white or cream blazer with a County cravat (optional), brown walking shoes, or sandals with a heel, and brown handbag.

The cravat should not be worn with a County shirt.

Grey tailored, casual, cropped trousers or shorts may be worn in domestic games where grey skirts are the accepted uniforms.

Grey, Brown or White  bowling shoes may be worn where grey skirts or trousers and shorts are accepted uniform.

Players must observe the dress code rules. Anyone found incorrectly dressed will not be allowed to play in any county matches or county competitions until they are wearing the designated uniform.