Ladies Champion Of Champions


(2 bowls – 21 shots)

Preliminary Round on or before Tuesday 4th May

1       P. Coles                (F)         v            C. Hickey                     (E)

2       A. Underwood   (C)         v            B. Garwood                 (R)


Round 1 on or before Sunday 4th July

3       J. Jackson         (Q)         v            R. Blyth                        (J)

4       M. Leader          (L)          v            S. Purell                      (G)

5       J. May                 (B)         v            N. Hastings                 (D)

6       W  01                                v            W 02

Semi – finals on Saturday 10th July at Ramsey BC

7       W 06                                 v            W 04

8       W 03                                 v            W 05

Final on Sunday 18th July at Ramsey BC

9       W 07                                 v            W 08