Ladies Competition Dates 2022

With the exception of Semi-finals and Finals, games must be played on or before the dates shown.

Fri   6th May – 4 Bowl Singles Prelim

Sat   7th May – 2 Bowl Singles Prelim

Sun   8th May – Senior Pairs Prelim

Tues 10th May – Champion of Champions Prelim

Wed 11th May – Senior Singles Prelim

Fri 13th May – 4 Bowl Singles 1st Round

Sat 14th May – 2 Bowl Singles 1st Round

Sun 15th May – 2 Bowl Rinks Prelim

Tues 17th May – Senior Singles 1st Round

Fri 20th May – 4 Bowl Singles 2nd Round

Sat 21st May – Ladies Pairs Prelim

Sun 22nd May – Sec Singles Prelim

Tues   24th   May – Champion of Champions 1st Round

Fri   27th May 3 – Bowls Rinks Prelim

Sat   28th May 2 – Bowl Singles 2nd Round

Sun 29th May – Senior Singles 2nd Round

Fri 10th June – Ladies Pairs 1st Round

Sat 11th June – 4 Bowl Singles 3rd Round

Sun 12th June – Sec Singles 1st Round

Fri 17th June – Senior Pairs 1st Round

Sat 18th June – 2 Bowl Rinks 1st Round

Sun 19th June – 3 Bowl Rinks 1st Round

Fri 24th June – Ladies Pairs 2nd Round

Sat 25th June – Senior Pairs 2nd round

Sat   2nd July – 2 Bowl Rinks 2nd Round

Sun   3rd July – 3 Bowl Rinks 2nd Round

Sat   9th July – Semi-finals at St Neots BC

Sun 17th July Finals at St Ives BC