League Championship 2021


(Held over from 2020)



First Round By 14th June

1 Nicky Hastings  Hemingford v Karen Brugnoli  Huntingdon
2 Barbara Garwood  St Neots v Rebecca Blyth   Papworth
3 Sophie Purrell  St Ives v Maureen Jackman  Chatteris
4 Maddy Leader  Sawtry v Ann Underwood   Royal Oak GMC
5 Patsy Coles  Ramsey v Pat Purssord   Buckden
6 Withdrawn  Somersham v Sabrina Parnell  Brampton
7 Jorja Jackson  Needingworth v Carole Hickey  Houghton & Wyton

Quarter Finals by 5th July

8 2   Rebecca Blyth v 1   Nicky Hastings
9 3   Sophie Purrell v 5   Patsy Coles
10 4   Ann Underwood v 6   Sabrina  Parnell
11 7   Carole Hickey v     Bye

Semi Finals by 2nd August

12 10   Sabrina Parnell v 8  Nicky Hastings
13 11   Carole Hickey v 9  Sophie Purell


12  Sabrina Parnell v 13 Sophie Purell
WINNER Sabrina Parnell


FINALS DAY – Monday 6th September 2021 at 6pm, Huntingdon Bowls Club


A prize for the Raffle would be appreciated