Newark Indoor Finals Timetable 2022



Please note it is advisable that you take a Lateral Flow test before coming to the Indoor Centre.

Please see below the playing times for the above championships. As usual we start with the Ladies Harry Carver Team Competition on Tuesday 19th April and the individual competitions will start on Wednesday 20th April. There will be four three hourly sessions on days 1 and 2 for the individual competitions and five sessions of two and a half hours on days 3, and 4 with at least one on the Sunday prior to the Derbyshire Final  Unfortunately this will mean all triples matches are played on the first two days but it is the only way that I can avoid duplications and fit in the matches to be played by those bowlers who have qualified in two, three, four or five competitions. Every effort has been made to avoid duplications, however, should there be one which affects the schedule, it may be necessary to bring in a very late session.  It follows that some of you will have to play continuously if you keep winning and I hope those affected appreciate the problem.

In view of this, if you have not already notified me of any substitutes, please do not nominate anyone who is already playing in another competition if it affects the schedule.   

Play will commence each day at 9.30 in the individual events.

ALL COMPETITORS are asked to register on arrival at the office. Also to help with administration of the competition, markers in singles and skips in pairs and rinks events are asked to collect score cards from the board provided in good time before the start of each match and to return cards to the office immediately on completion.                                                                                                      Bowls will be examined for stamping. County stickers are required. For dress code see the 2022 Federation Yearbook pages 43 and 44. 

All competitors must accept that the championship committee have the right to change playing times whenever it proves absolutely necessary.  Should any alterations be  required prior to Newark  then competitors will be notified.

Some players will be required to play on the same rink more than once although not on the same day.                                                                                

DRUG ABUSE IN SPORT Anyone taking prescribed drugs should obtain a Doctor’s Certificate to that effect and present it to the Secretary at the commencement of the Championships. Ref Rule 4 DRUG ABUSE IN SPORT – page 37 of the 2022 Yearbook.

Tie Day Time Rnd Leah Harrison Challenge Bowl (Ladies Singles) Tie Day Time Rnd RushbrooK Bowl ( Ladies Sen Singles)
A Wed 9. 30 1 Northumberland v Northants A Thur 3.30 1 Durham v Norfolk
B Thur 9. 30 1 Humberside v Durham B Wed 3, 30 1 Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire
C 1 Bye v Hunts C 1 Bye v Northants
D Thur 9. 30 1 Cleveland v Derbyshire D Fri 5.00 1 Suffolk v North Cambs.
E Wed 6. 30 1 Suffolk v Norfolk
F Thur 9. 30 2 Winner of E v North Cambs. F Fri 7, 30 2 Hunts v Northumberland
G Fri 12.00 2 North Essex v Winner of A G Sat 12.00 2 Winner of D v Humberside
H Fri 12.00 2 Winner of B v Hunts H Fri 7, 30 2 Northants v North Essex
J Fri 12.00 2 Winner of D v Nottinghamshire J Fri 12. 00 2 Winner of A v Winner of B
X Fri 7. 30 S-F Winner of J v Winner of F X Sat 5.00 S-F Winner of G v Winner of F
Y Fri 7. 30 S-F Winner of G v Winner of H Y Sat 12.00 S-F Winner of J v Winner of H
z Sat 5. 00 Final Winner of X v Winner of Y z Sun 9. 30 Final Winner of X v Winner of Y
Tie Day Time Rnd Joan Robinson Rose Bowl (Ladies Pairs) Tie Day Time Rnd Lincs WBA Challenge Bowl (Ladies Rinks)
A Fri 2. 30 1 Suffolk v Northumberland A Wed 12.30 1 North Cambs. v Nottinghamshire
B 1 Bye v Norfolk B 1 Bye v Derbyshire
C Fri 2. 30 1 Derbyshire v Humberside C Wed 9.30 1 Cleveland v Suffolk
D Fri 2. 30 1 North Cambs. v North Essex D Wed 12.30 1 Durham v Northants
E Fri 2. 30 1 Hunts v Durham E Wed 9.30 1 Humberside v Hunts
F Sat 9. 30 2 Nottinghamshire v Winner of A F Wed 6.30 2 Winner of E v Winner of A
G Sat 9. 30 2 Winner of D v Winner of C G Wed 3.30 2 Northumberland v Derbyshire
H Sat 9. 30 2 Northants v Cleveland H Wed 3.30 2 Winner of C v Norfolk
J Sat 9. 30 2 Norfolk v Winner of E J Wed 3.30 2 Winner of D v North Essex
X Sat 2. 30 S-F Winner of J v Winner of H X Thur 12.30 S-F Winner of H v Winner of G
Y Sat 2. 30 S-F Winner of G v Winner of F Y Thur 12.30 S-F Winner of F v Winner of J
Z Sun 9. 30 Final Winner of X v Winner of Y Z Thu 6. 30 Final Winner of X v Winner of Y