Role of a Marker


1 Be familiar with the Laws of the Game.
2 Be in possession of a reliable measure, a pair of callipers for short measuring, a pen/pencil, and a scorecard.
3 Observe strict neutrality.
4 Examine all bowls for stamping before play commences.
5 Witness the toss for start.
6 See that the mat is properly centred.
7 See that the jack is cast correctly and properly set and centred before allowing the first bowl to be delivered.
8 Stand perfectly still behind the line of the jack and well away at one side of the rink.
9 Answer any questions put by the players, but not give any information unless requested, nor pass any comment; only the player who is in possession of the rink will be addressed.
10 Remove any bowls from the ditch.
11 Mark the position of the jack in the ditch, and see that it is not disturbed.
12 Measure only when requested, and not allow any bowl or the jack to be moved until both players are in agreement as to shot or shots.
13 Record only the score agreed by both players.
14 Call out the state of the game at each end, and on completion see that the scorecard is signed by both players and handed to the person responsible.
15 In any difficult measure or dispute call the umpire, whose decision will be final.