U25 Hunts A v Hunts B – 5 June ’22

Hunts A v B – Reg Wright

It threatened rain all week, I was glued to the forecast all week, and when the day came the rain had moved northwards and just left us with a drizzly afternoon and damp under foot. But despite the soaking overnight Sawtry’s green played very well.

It was our A v B day and the teams were set.

On rink 4 we had Sophie Purell Keira Thurston & Sam Brugnoli fresh from their winning rink performance the week before. They were up against Scott Green, Daniel Lunn-Eggleton & Caitlin Jackson.

The game was a step too far for the B side although they did have their moments But the A team ran out 42-8 winners and taking the best winning rink again.

On rink 5 The Papworth boys Kane Phillips, Callum Bowden & Mark Franklin represented the A side up against Alex Brugnoli, Callum Worby & Tom Hall for the B side. The B team played well and had some moments of brilliance but the A side had more. They went on to win over the 25 ends 39-11.

On rink 6 we had the A side Tom Anderson, Joe Stevens & Mac May they were up against the Sawtry B side of Sam Bate, Thomas Whittiker & Lewis Lawman. It was an interesting game. The Sawtry side soon took the lead and at half way were 17-8 up. It was a shock to the A team and they switched a few times to try and find an answer to the game being played by the Sawtry lads.

A fight back did start on the 18th end with the A side scoring a well worked four but it was just too late and the B side took the win and 2 points 25-20.