Under 25 Hunts v Suffolk (Home)

Hunts Under 25 Reg Wright A v Suffolk Under 25 B

Here lies the hopes of Hunts A retaining the Reg Wright trophy. Buried by a lack of focus and concentration by some. Hunts A, reigning national champions, managed to beat Suffolks B team….just.

It was a day that confirmed our fate this year. Its been a hard year to get our best players on the green with so many other games clashing with our Sundays! This time we lost some key players to White Rose duties and unfortunately as at Norfolk two weeks ago, when it was u25 singles, we needed them.

We are left to play Norfolk at home, in our last game, next week where our B team play their A team and visa versa. Norfolk A then play Suffolk B the following week to claim their place at Skegness. I have to say I’m disappointed but its been a valiant effort by the players I bought in to replace those who were missing each week. Hopefully next year we won’t have so many clashes to cope with.

However, whilst I lament the problems of selecting our best players some of the individual performances have been brilliant and today was no different.

I’ll start this week with our B team. They lost on all three rinks in the end. 25 ends is a long game for some of our younger players. We fielded an 8 year old a ten year old and a whole rinks worth of 12 year olds. And do you know what at 10 ends almost half way through this game those youngsters were winning against a supposedly superior Suffolk A team.

Some outstanding lead bowling on Rink 1 by 8 yr old Alex Brugnoli (Huntingdon), he put the jack full length time after time and 9 times out of ten he put his woods within a foot of it. He kept his concentration going all the way through and backed up by Caitlin and an inspired skipping performance byJorja Jackson(both Needingworth) they were always in the hunt and only lost out by 7 shots at the end. Losing out 24-17. But they should be proud of their bowling today.

Also on Rink 2 young Huntingdon bowler Scott Green led very well for a trio of himself, Thomas Whittiker (sawtry) and Sam Ormiston (Needingworth). They fought out a great game. It was nip and tuck all the way. At 13 ends it was all level 10 all. Then the game got away from them slightly and they lost 5 ends on the trot. But they weren’t done then as they fought back to get within 7 shots going down 23-16. another rink to be proud of their performance.

On Rink 3 we had Sam Bate (sawtry) & Tom Anderson (eynesbury) with Jack Ward (Papworth). Again the early part of the game they were really in a dog fight. At 11 ends they led 10-9. but then the wheels came off and they lost 9 ends without reply. including a full house 6.

The game gone they only scored 2 ends in the second half of the match. Losing out to a strong Suffolk A side 15-37


Hunts B team 48 shots 0 points Suffolk A 84 shots 10 points.

The A team game started with Hunts having to win 10-0 if there was any hope of an outside miracle to over turn the loss to Norfolk.

Rink 4 had young Alfie Gardiner (Sawtry) with captain Sophie Purell(St Ives) & Tom hall (Barmpton) They found themselves down early with the Suffolk number 2 getting a wood on the jack almost every end. At halfway they trailed 9-14. The next five ends didn’t really go their way and Suffolk extended their lead to 11-22. Hunts then came alive and scored 9 shots to Suffolks 2 in the last five ends but it wasn’t quite enough and Hunts went down 20-24.

Rink 6 had Maddie Leader(Sawtry) Bradley Herbert (Sawtry) & Sam Brugnoli (Huntingdon) outside rinks are never easy and they fought hard to get the better of their opponents. In the early stages they suceeded taking a 7-0 lead. But Suffolk fought back to 12 all at 13 ends. The next few ends were shared scoring wise but Hunts keeping just in front 19-18. The last 5 ends were equally as tight. Hunts winning two and Suffolk winning 3. The game was 21-10 to Hunts going into the last end. The jack got flicked over and landed against two Suffolk woods. Unfortunately Bradley who had taken over at skip couldn’t make the shot and the game was lost 22-21.

So Hunts had lost out on two rinks who could ride to the rescue??? is it a bird ? is it a plane? No its Super skip…….Kane. Yes ladies and gentlemen you have read that correctly. Kane Phillips who started the game as lead and had no intentions to skip. Ended up skipping his rink not only to a great victory but to lead his team to overall victory.

The all Papworth rink started as Kane, Callum Bowden & Mark Franklin. They did ok in the early exchanges but it was tight 9 all, 10 all after 12 ends. At 12-10 down they swapped as they felt it wasn’t quite working and Mark led while Kane went to skip. And believe it or not it was inspired. Suffolk only won two more ends the 13th and the 18th. The hunts trio put together 11 ends and 23 shots to win best winning rink stars, and the game for Hunts 33-15. Kane you Believe it !!

Overall score:

Hunts A 74 shots 6 points Suffolk B 61 shots 4 Points